How It Works For Customer

With the ever-growing inflation and astronomical prices for everyday goods, Nigima gives you relief in comparing prices in the intended neighbourhood, hence giving you value for your money.

From MOM-and-POP SHOPS to BIG-BOX STORES, compare prices in all, and shop groceries and home essentials from anywhere at any time.

How It Works For Customer

A single checkout with multiple stores

Explore the Efficiency of One-Stop Shopping. Discover the ease and convenience of adding items from various vendors to your unified cart and checking out all at once, simplifying your online shopping experience.

  • Shop Local
  • Find Amazing Deals
  • World Wide Vendors
  • Compare Prices

How it works How it works

  • Register with us

    Register with us

    For the best deals near and far depending on your selection.

  • Shop across stores and categories

    Shop across stores and categories

    With countless sellers/vendors, the power is in your hands for the next big sale.

  • Add items to the Cart

    Add items to the Cart

    Compare Prices and add items to your cart from Multiple vendors.

  • Compare Prices & Save Money

    Compare Prices & Save Money

    Compare Prices and get real-time Savings.

  • Proceed to Checkout

    Proceed to Checkout

    Check out from One or Multiple Shops in a single click. The Ease of Shopping.

  • Order History

    Order History

    View your order history, share your shopping lists, and get discount notifications.


Register your self with Nigima

Your ultimate shopping companion. Shop seamlessly across multiple partner stores, add items to your unified cart, and enjoy a simplified checkout experience like never before.


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    One checkout to replace them all

    Take control of your spending by comparing prices, finding deals, and staying organised with your shopping lists.

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