How It Works For Vendors

From Supermarkets to Butchers, Bakers, Fruit Stores and more, if you are a Grocery store, register on Nigima platform to put your products in front of keen grocery shoppers.

How It Works For Vendors

Bridging local stores, global markets, informed choices.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are the backbone of any economy world over and that’s why Nigima prioritizes them by availing a robust platform to sell and engage with their customers in real-time.

  • Shop Local
  • Find Amazing Deals
  • World Wide Vendors
  • Compare Prices

How it works How it works

  • Register your store

    Register your store

    Expand your reach with Nigima's platform

  • Harness Nigima's Growing Community

    Harness Nigima's Growing Community

    Gain access to the growing user base of grocery shoppers

  • Boost Presence

    Boost Presence

    Increase your digital presence to shoppers in both local and international space.

  • Elevate Customer Convenience

    Elevate Customer Convenience

    Add online shopping with in-store or delivery options.

  • Access Flexible Financing

    Access Flexible Financing

    Use your sales and stock to borrow from reputable lenders, this keeps you stocked up and in business.


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Your ultimate shopping companion. Shop seamlessly across multiple partner stores, add items to your unified cart, and enjoy a simplified checkout experience like never before.


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