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Distributors & Manufacturers

Real-time information and trends are instrumental in product sales, research, and development, Nigima gives you that daily, fostering better product delivery.

How it Works for <br>Distributors & Manufacturers

A single checkout with multiple stores

Explore the Efficiency of One-Stop Shopping. Discover the ease and convenience of adding items from various vendors to your unified cart and checking out all at once, simplifying your online shopping experience.

  • Shop Local
  • Find Amazing Deals
  • World Wide Vendors
  • Compare Prices

How it works How it works

  • Product Launch

    Product Launch

    Launching a new product? Sample our users for real-time feedback, and get real sales conversions.

  • Counterfeit deterrence

    Counterfeit deterrence

    Use our data-driven technology to follow your product market cycle and detect any inconsistencies.

  • Real Product Reviews & Feedback

    Real Product Reviews & Feedback

    Get product reviews directly into your inbox and respond to your customers.

  • Product recall mechanisms

    Product recall mechanisms

    With traceable customers through our eco-system, product recall becomes easy.

  • Price Index

    Price Index

    Get an insightful Nigima-Grocery Product Index anytime.


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Your ultimate shopping companion. Shop seamlessly across multiple partner stores, add items to your unified cart, and enjoy a simplified checkout experience like never before.


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    Take control of your spending by comparing prices, finding deals, and staying organised with your shopping lists.

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